How it works

Currently, there are almost 700 different suppliers of enterprise-resource-planning systems (ERP) in the United Kingdom. It requires a lot of work to find the best solution for your business among them. The vast majority may not offer the solution you are looking for, because they are specialized in another sector or focused on smaller (or bigger) projects. The ERP compass will guide you in the right direction.

Enter your selection criteria

Start the selection by indicating your sector. Then fill in the number of employees in your organization along with the intended users of the new system (if known). We will also take any of your additional search criteria into account.

We find the best ERP-suppliers

We have mapped virtually the entire UK ERP market. Therefore it is easy to find what systems best meet your search criteria.

Receive the selection results

You will receive a selection of up to 7 suppliers who can deliver exactly what you need. And the best part: this service is completely free of charge.

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