About us

The ERP Compass is one of the services offered by the company Software Compass. Nearly 10 years ago we started with selection consulting for Enterprise Resource Planning systems. Since then, we have helped more than 15,000 companies. In this time we have virtually covered the entire UK ERP market, so that we can make a selection of suitable suppliers for virtually any business.

It isn't just the large manufacturing companies who use the ERP compass, but for example also sole proprietors in the construction sector.

Only a vendor-independent adviser provides a good ERP selection. That is why we aren't associated in any way with the ERP companies to be evaluated and can therefore provide an independent, unbiased evaluation. The costs of our services are covered by a large and diverse group of ERP-vendors.

We also have expertise in other business software. Besides ERP, we offer selection advice for Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Document Management Systems (DMS).


Can the ERP compass be used for free?

Yes. The costs are jointly shared by the ERP vendors in our database. We are totally independent in our selection.

Can the ERP compass be used without obligation?

Yes. The only thing we do is find out which systems are best for your business, without further obligations for you.

Is the ERP compass truly independent?

Yes. We are completely independent and aren't bound to any vendor.

Can I enter more selection criteria?

Yes. After you have entered your industry and company size, you can add additional information in the field "additional selection criteria". We will take it into consideration as far as we can.

Who can use the ERP compass?

The ERP Compass has been designed for companies looking for an ERP system. This information isn't suitable for students or individuals.

Who is behind the ERP compass?

The company behind the ERP-compass is Software Compass. As an independent information center, we have over 10 years of experience in selection consultancy. This enables us to make a good preselection for virtually any industry, company size and complexity of operations.

Will my data be kept confidential?

Yes. Your data will only be used for the ERP selection. We won't pass on your data without your permission.